Smart Creation, the podcast. Episode 13.

Smart Creation, the podcast, invites you to explore the potential of sustainable fashion.
For this 13th episode, we are pleased to welcome Marie Demaegdt, Textile & Sustainability Director at the CELC (European Confederation of Linen and Hemp).

« Flax is grown in western Europe without irrigation, it’s GMO free, it uses little pesticide or fertilizer, it’s biodegradable, and its transformation into fiber is entirely mechanical. »


The CELC is exhibiting at Première Vision Paris.

The European Confederation of Linen and Hemp (CELC) is the only European agro-industrial organization bringing together and federating all the stages of production and transformation for flax and hemp. It is the specialized spokesperson for 10,000 European companies of 14 countries, overseeing the fibre’s development from plant to finished product. Founded in 1951, the CELC is a source of pioneering thought, economic analysis, industry consultation and strategic direction.