SMART WARDROBE / Cienne makes it greener


Each show is proud to present you its smart exhibitors, their story and what they do to create a sustainable fashion! Discover now Cienne, a Premiere Vision New-York exhibitor.

Cienne is a ready-to-wear collection for women who value pieces that are both interesting and necessary. Expressively understated and boldly subtle, the collection finds balance in a dualistic approach. Founded in 2014 by designers Nicole Heim and Chelsea Healy, Cienne is made in New York and with each new collection, builds upon a foundation of refined shapes, considered details, and artisanal materials designed to maintain relevance over time. The different prizes that Cienne won gave it a distinction but also a biggest reputation. Cienne’s garment can be spot on influential people such as Gigi Hadid, Emma Watson or Gwyneth Paltrow.

Cienne believes in a fashion within which aesthetics and ethics co-exist. Their mission is based on four pillars: 1) Reframing Sustainability, 2) Material Innovation, 3) Empowering People, and 4) Producing Responsibly.

Each pillar is composed of 4 different responsible engagements, you can discover what they are by clicking just down below!

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Cienne smart wardrobe

  • Reframing Sustainability

    Cienne believes in driving change through a modern approach to sustainability by keeping the artistic way to create. Reframing Sustainability is composed of Design Driven (their own communication’s principles), Collaboration (partnering with a community of brands, businesses, and independent artists), Community (they work to empower their community with knowledge and information) and Innovation (individuality of design and scarcity of product).

  • Material Innovation

    Cienne does not want to sacrify design instead of quality and sustainability. By using Natural Fibers (Cupro, Linen, and Alpaca or GOTS certified organic wool, cotton, and silk, Manufactured Fibers (Viscose and acetate, fibers derived from forests), Clean Color (they use AZO free dyes and they are experimenting natural dyes and bio-based dyes), Recycled & Innovative Materials (recycled cotton and polyester fibers) the society found its balance.

  • Empowering People

    They celebrate diversity with a human-centric approach through initiatives that empower people. Respect and dignity are the keywords of Cienne. Sourcing is an important part of the society’s work, Manufacturing permits Cienne to work with local manufacturing and small businesses. This way they can propose a collection 90% made in New-York and 10% made in Bolivia or Mongolia (in verified manufacturing).
    Through what they call Elevating & Preserving Craftsmanship, Cienne highlights the importance of elevate consumer perception of global artisanship. Cienne is committed to building and strengthening sustainable relationships with global artisans through responsible business practices and philanthropic support for the nonprofit Nest.

  • Producing Responsibly

    Cienne is engaged for a sustainable fashion and a zero-waste future. A future that they think possible if we implement the following principles of a sustainable fashion: Reducing, Reusing, Caring & Repairing, Recycling, Packaging & Shipping, Transparency from fashion industry and longevity of the products.