With its Smart Creation platform for study and communications, Première Vision Group aims to promote the responsible approaches of its exhibitors, helping to shed light on a new generation of values combining creativity, innovation and sustainability, for the benefit of the entire creative fashion industry.

This space presents a selection of exhibitors’ eco-responsible products for the Spring Summer 19 season, organized by the Première Vision performance codes, which highlight the specific properties and qualities, whether visible or not, of the samples chosen by the fashion team.

Responsible production

Fabric whose manufacturing is environmentally responsible, and/or integrates fair trade principles and respect for human labor.


A fabric with a majority of recycled fibres, either natural or synthetic (principally cotton, wool, linen, polyester, polyamide or silk).

Eco-friendly finishing

Dyes and treatments respecting the strictest international standards (regarding laundering, the absence of heavy metals, water conservation, pollution-reduction).


A fabric with a majority of certified-organic natural fibres (cotton, wool, silk, linen).


To be discovered in the same area:  THE SMART WARDROBE

An informed look via finished products from established international brands, using materials from Première Vision Paris exhibitors and produced according to responsible sourcing and manufacturing processes.