Bemberg presents its “Yarn-Dyed Jacquard Lining”

At the next Première Vision New York, Bemberg will be presenting its “Yarn-Dyed Jacquard Lining,” which is Made in Japan and able to be customized.  Current minimums are 55 yards per color.

In 2019, Bemberg launched the Bemberg Lining Showroom in the heart of New York’s  Garment District. The showroom is hosted by CHH America, which is Asahi Kasei’s  U.S. partner.

Sustainable developments

“Bemberg Yarn” has received the following certifications.

  • ISO14001
  • GRS
  • standard 100

Bemberg provides a “swatch card” for visitors interested in luxury materials, but requiring only small quantities.

More about Bemberg

Bemberg creates unique and innovative products. Its offer of high-quality services and products is achieved by combining the richness of its human resources with its organizational and technological strengths. In a similar fashion, Bemberg succeeds in creating economic and social value while adapting to different environments.

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