“feel” trend is about reconnecting with our own emotions and sensations. A focus on wellbeing and energy. A balance between comfort and technological innovation. Experiencing different states of perceptions and moods through tactile materials and chromatic stimulation. Tactile materials engage with the senses: on one side iridescent finishes, jelly plastics, synthetic transparent materials, on the other, brushed metals and lightweight materials focusing  on minimalist matte finishes. Designs are minimalistic but playful.



The urge to reconnect with authenticity and different cultures underpins the « encounters » trend. Inspirations come essentially from rural lifestyles and its artisanal craftsmanship. Native American culture and bohemian spirit are making a strong come back as part of a 9O’ revival spirit. Naturally dyed leathers as well as soft nubucks or sandblasted leathers and raffia create this artisanal organic look and feel. Embellisments are imperfect and vested with holistic properties.



Contrasting with normcore and athleisure current trends, « Legacy » comes with a growing desire for « smartening up ». A kind of « power-dressing » revival. Looking for control and empowerment through renewed sartorial shapes and tones. The “fashion statement” of the season is inspired by a vintage palette. Classic smooth grains leathers are chosen for a revisited formal quality. Refined materials as solid gold and silver are used for hardware and closures. Neat leather-covered buckles and solid handbag handles enhance the return of a vintage touch. Structured bags are coming with this new “smartening up”desire.    



A yearning for self expression and original styling are at the heart of this underlying trend. Colors are an authentic creative manifesto mixing urban tones inspired by the contemporary art scene. A spirit of DIY and a rebellious mood inspire expressive, over-painted, sprayed, printed and dip dyed leathers and wovens. Heavy chains used as straps, graphic metal shapes in polished silver tones as well as engineered closures for straps and buckles are part of this trend. “Self expression” trend is more a story of embellisments and DIY style than a bag design story.