Carlin Creative Trend Bureau trend report SS 19



Holistic and charismatic, the summer reconnects us to the fundamentals in life. Its gentle power, drawn from an ancient distant lands, is a source of calm and balance. Captivating dimensions, with velvety layers and spicy surfaces, stimulate the senses. Light and fibrous materials drape over innovated tradition. Bursts of light are infiltrated with a mysterious magnetic energy, where raw pigments and juicy acids transcend ambrosial whites. In chiaroscuro, delicate lines and totemic design form a sophisticated ethnic couple with fascinating universality. Imbued with unlimited wisdom, a new dawn emerges.



This midsummer promises to be sun-soaked, simple and as fresh as a daisy ! Forget drama, we now desire spontaneous pleasure sprung from summer naivety. This almost magical diversion, untouched by time, is found at the seaside, where the fresh air is gently purified. Light-based friendships develop, in constant movement, drifting in relaxed enchantment and joyful serenity. A mellow ode to simplicity in shades of pop !
Chromatic colours move aside in favour of chlorine-tinted atmospheric and primary nuances. Acidic pastels melt, and fresh synthetics streak past one another in the sky, for either lucid or graphic effect. Materials come to life through volume, playing with confident synthetic aesthetics. “In-activewear” strives for cheery, easy comfort. This summer, rhythms are captured in action, on the hunt for communicative and approachable attitudes !



Where diversity of expression bubbles and brews, is where creativity pulses at its most ardent and outspoken. A shock of styles, a blend of genres, an alliance of discordance! A profound need to cry out one’s convictions, loud and strong, pushes colour to its climax: alive and engaged, it symbolises femininity and protest, revolution and romanticism, glamour and streetwear. Bold tones overlap with floral shades in a confrontation between provocation and sensitivity. The messages are clear: endless typography in capital letters. Chromatic antagonisms play with pointed abstraction and shifting chords. Seduction demands its role as creator with vengeful allure. Sharp and direct, new urban codes inspire utterly committed and powerful convictions. Take a stand!


By Louise Taccoen

Graduated from a French business school with a major in marketing and fashion, Louise Taccoen is working for two years at Carlin Trend Bureau a style office, after a stint in an international lingerie brand. Expert in new consumer behaviors, she is in charge of the management of international marketing-style projects in the women’s, men’s, children’s and accessories fashion sectors. Her main role is to support its customers in their brand strategy and the development of their new collections to meet customer expectations.