Carlin Creative Trend Bureau Trend Report Fall Winter 19/20





Our hedonistic societies continue to increase sensory and visual temptations. Subjugated by this addictive bait, we constantly look for new subterfuges to dupe and enthral us. We succumb with pleasure, seeking an ever-more-attractive interaction with nature, where seductive chemistry and natural alchemy aggregate seamlessly: we melt for saccharine shades and delight in foppish, enticing pastels. Obsessed, we swoon over sexycomfortable aesthetics, snuggling into red hues. This captivating seduction softly bewitches us, and we let ourselves fall into a drowsiness that may just be a bit too enjoyable…






Driven by a quest for the common good and the desire to believe in a positive future, new visionary activists collaborate on the creation of a utopia that, while only in the early stages, appears promising. These ingenious kinsfolk understand how to refine the rudimentary, manipulate data into glitch art, and create innovative craftinspired forms. They find the strength to believe in optimistic sky blues using poetic oxides and ferrous khakis. Energised by the same flame of fervour, we gratefully hope for this better world.






Protected by their “tech-warrior” confidence, the new international elite disseminate their 4.0 classic haute-luxury codes with frugality. Preferring to cultivate their secrets among themselves, they take refuge in protected, exclusive hideaways. Here, they flaunt their over-the-top aesthetics with highly seductive edgy-yet-glamorous tailoring, using liquor elixirs to lure: metallic port wine shades compete against tannin browns and cognacs. Evoking fantasy and desire, this elitist circle appears like a new El Dorado to copy…