B.O.B. Textile: Korean expertise

B.O.B. Textile is a Korean company specializing in tailoring. The company is always evolving and developing new products based on quick analysis of the current fashion trends in order to adapt to an ever-changing market. Their product development and R&D is based on bi-annual market research, material books and color books collections, and weekly research on domestic, local brands. Due to this expertise, B.O.B. Textile currently has over 100 products and more than 2,000 colors in stock at all times. 

 As of today, B.O.B. Textile is very active on 3 main markets. On the Korean market, the company is developing exclusive materials by selecting the appropriate material suppliers. On the Chinese market, they are supplying fashion materials to 250 brands all over china and Hong Kong, through material conventions and trend consulting. Finally, for the American market, B.O.B Textile is currently supplying fashion material to over 350 brands throughout the country.

This edition, at Première Vision New York, they will be presenting a variety of light-weight, natural, hand fabric. B.O.B. Textile will also be showcasing trending vintage-colored checkered seersuckers and bi-stretch cooling/ opaque fabrics, especially selected for the American market.