Still Life

This young designer is the first New Zealander to display her art form at the Première Vision new York Designs.  Amber Rixon, founder of ‘Still Life Studio’ exemplifies her love affair of prints and how she was captivated at a young age by seamless and infinite patterns.

Summer 2019 for Still Life Studio celebrates ‘inspiring women’ through all stages of their influence. From whimsical days dreaming among the flowerbeds to creating lasting impact on business, family and communities. Summer 2019 is about honoring women we love, whose dreams create a difference.

Amber’s designs represent a juxtaposition of clarity and stillness.  Channeling her New Zealand lineage, she celebrates the colours of Spring/Summer with delicate hints of the female form, strong clean vibrant florals and psychedelic dreamy horizons. This unique style is constructed by her ability to combine mediums of paint, photography, drawing, and computer added design.

These are prints to dream, love and conquer in.