Filatures Du Parc: your sustainable fashion partner!

Created in 1948, Filatures Du Parc is specialized in long staple fibers & yarns for knitwear. Named “Entreprise du patrimoine vivant”: a mark of recognition of the French State, put in place to reward French firms for the excellence of their traditional and industrial know-how.


Since 2006, Filatures du Parc is constantly improving its expertise into mechanical recycling. They turn old garments coming from brand partners or textile collectors and recycled them into Post-Consumer Recycled yarn for denim, knitwear and car industries. This process of « defibering » preserves the fiber allowing the company to offer you Post-Consumer Recycled yarns of quality and longevity. Filatures du Parc recycle and blend all types of fibers but are specialized in « noble fibers » (wool, silk, …).

2006: Innovation into a special mechanical recycling patented process: « defibering ». Development of first recycled pre- & post-consumer yarn for knitwear

2013: Collaboration with French brand Bonobo Jeans on circular denim

2015: Innovation with the first post-consumer recycled « rigid » yarn made from old denim and used plastic bottles for denim line « Rebirth » from brand Bonobo Jeans

2017: Innovation with the first post-consumer recycled «stretch» core spun yarn

2018:New defibering machine in house

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