BRAZILIAN LEATHER : promoting quality

CICB and the Brazilian Leather Project will exhibit 16 leathers (bovine, goat and lamb hides) from 16 different Brazilian tanneries. These leathers were developed for the Leather Preview project, guided this time by the word “lightness” – a central value in the new society. Articles developed emphasize lightness in their structure and finishing processes, with textures, patterns, shapes and volumes that came to life based on the theme ‘air’. Among the elements that make up this work, one can see bubbles, circles, dots, circular patterns, embossed metallic effects, as well as spherical and rounded volumes.

Brazilian Leather project is fully connected to the mission of promoting the quality and sustainability of Brazilian tanneries and leathers worldwide. One of our efficient tools regarding this matter is the Brazilian Leather Certification of Sustainability (CSCB). CSCB is an unprecedented program in the world of leather. It covers the economic, environmental, social and management dimensions of sustainability. In order to get the certification, every tannery must go through a consultancy stage, working under the 173 indicators covering criteria such as water and energy consumption, restricted substances, productive performance, waste management, and relation to employees.