DigitalKENTE: We are purveyors of digital dopeness

DigitalKENTE is a design studio that offers brand strategy, surface design and package design consulting. They especially love to create custom textile patterns that reflect their global creative perspective, weaving the ancestral into the digital. 


This season, deconstructed geos and pops of color combine to create a “neo-native” look. You will also notice the layering of trending colors for s/s 2020 to create unique shapes and motifs. The WGSN visionary trend of “Empower Up” resonates well with their brand aesthetic. This trend predicts the need for more global interest in Africa, which can bring new ideas and new narratives to the fashion design table.

digitalKENTE (pronounced “KEN-TAY”) exist to re-create the idea of an “ethnic” print. They combine modern craft and ancestral pattern to create one-of-a-kind surface designs for people as vibrant as their color choices. They remix indigenous textile motifs from melanin-rich cultures around the world to rejuvenate the “tribal” print market to create artwork that is bold, multi-dimensional, culturally aware and unapologetically colorful.

digitalKENTE collections are meant to evoke a sense of nostalgia. Every digital warp and weft create shapes and colors that remind the wearer of cultures they visited, cultures they belong to, or cultures they want to experience. They can help prospective clients strategize on how they will engage the fashionistas in upcoming markets of Brazil, Africa and India or even how they can better speak to the consumers of these cultures which have settled here in the United States and have great buying power i.e. #muslimmillennials.


digitalKENTE have a few collaborations in the works for 2019 with Paperrow Cards, a fashion-influenced stationery company based in Atlanta, GA and with OhElleYeah an African American entertainer based in South Africa. With Elle, they will creatively expand her brand aesthetic using their patterns to create a uniquely “American with African roots”-type style.

” digitalKENTE is excited to work with the buyers attending PV and expand our client network! We look forward to flexing creative muscle with companies interested in digitally applying contemporary textiles with indigenous influences into their fashion and accessories collections.”

digitalKENTE will have samples of their one-of-a-kind printed designs on a variety of products, (yoga leggings, pocket squares, swimwear) on display so that buyers can visualize how the prints can be applied. These products are for sale online at