The global textile event for North American fashion professionals
The global textile event for North American fashion professionals

January 17-18, 2017 / Spring Summer 18 / Pier 94 / 9 AM-6 PM


by Li Edelkoort, Trend Union


For centuries sports have had a unique and personal quality, a race to outshine others, becoming a field of fierce competition and cutthroat combat. Young people would be trained to become outstanding athletes in their own right, living with their inner combative selves. A lonely way of life. Much pain and depression have been endured in a process where personal excellence was the highest goal.

Now the world is rapidly changing and people are coming together as one. This takes out the essence of personalized combat and makes the quest for uniqueness obsolete. Suddenly personal sports become team sports and personal games become gathering parties. Running together, rafting in teams, aiming in gangs, flying in circles, dancing in drifts. Table tennis becomes a tribal event, golf becomes a family gathering, basketball a social source of exchange. Sharing as much as challenging.

The implications of this huge societal reversal are numerous and joyful, permitting society to grow, people to grow up, brands to grow stronger based on messages and strategies of oneness and togetherness. A holistic approach to design will be the result where peer recognition will be the foremost quality of the creative processes, using fetishistic, animistic and tribal ideas and concepts to reach out to the new consumer clans. Codes and symbols will be invented to anchor the strategies of the major active wear brands, enabling consumers to read into the dress behavior of others, recognizing colors, materials and patterns that further express the mood of a certain brand. The massive interest in walking, running, biking and hiking will grow under the influence of this platoon of people interested in each other as much as their physical activities.

Sports will become the new place to be, to be seen, to be encountered.
A tribal family of creation.