The global textile event for North American fashion professionals
The global textile event for North American fashion professionals

January 17-18, 2017 / Spring Summer 18 / Pier 94 / 9 AM-6 PM


Promostyl’s Trend Forecast for A/W 2016-2017


Promostyl - Beauties


A period of intense creativity and experimentation, the 60s and 70s exert a lasting fascination on fashion for their bold modernity and aesthetic refinement. Taping the subtle way in which they fused glamour and casualness, updated with new flair and twists, these retro influences are now crystallizing, as they intersect with modern minimalism, into contemporary classics.















Promostyl - Instincts


Instincts taps the power of Nature and of intuition, a form of understanding and sensing that draws on instinctive feelings rather than conscious reasoning. Translated into fashion, it reinterprets natural winter codes into contemporary architectural styles. The rich “faux minimalist” feel is heightened by patched furs, neo-jacquards and textured materials.










Promostyl - Anticipations


In a constantly evolving environment, the imagination is free to dream up any number of future scenarios, from the most plausible to the most outlandish. This leads to a mutant, baroque and extremely hybrid mood. the composite silhouette combines cropped and super long proportions, oversized and fitted styles, stiff plastic-like materials and feminine fluidity.



























Promostyl - Codes


Inspired by the strict rules of architecture, the simplicity of interior design and the functional features of uniforms and workwear, this no compromise design attitude taked minimalism and utilitarian styles to new bold heights. Masculine tailoring and protective sportswear, in roomy and relaxed 90s volumes, are given a modern aesthetic twist with graphic and linear grid motifs and modular multifunctional constructions.