The global textile event for North American fashion professionals
The global textile event for North American fashion professionals

January 17-18, 2017 / Spring Summer 18 / Pier 94 / 9 AM-6 PM



July 21 / 5.30 pm

Fashion is living times of unpredicted future. A new system of creating, buying, selling and communicating is facing us. But how did we get here? What is happening now and despite the blurry horizons, what can we start to figured out ahead of us? Join the discussion to listen, ask and share new ideas on how recreate the fashion world.


Sabine Le Chatelier
Deputy fashion director of Première Vision

Graduate of French art school “Les Arts Appliqués Duperré”, in Paris, Sabine Le Chatelier began her career as a stylist for the Peclers trends bureau, where she worked until 2005. The same year, she started working for the fashion department of Première Vision. She is now the Deputy fashion director of Première Vision, where she is particularly involved on fashion information for buyers at Première Vision’s international trade shows and presentations.


Philip Fimmano
Director of Trend Union / Edelkoort Inc., New York

Contemporary fashion and design specialist, Philip Fimmano contributes to Trend Union’s forecasting books, magazines and strategic studies for various brands. Philip travels alongside his business partner and company founder Li Edelkoort, working in industries as diverse as textiles, food, beauty and retail. He is also the Director of their New York-based creative studio Edelkoort Inc., providing concept, color and strategic consulting to companies in North America and Latin America. Since 2011, the pair’s Talking Textiles initiative promotes textile creativity and awareness internationally.



Olivia Merquior
Fashion consultant, Rio de Janeiro

Olivia Merquior is creative director at Dacri Deviati, Rio de Janeiro, where she develops projects to re-organise creative spaces with the aim to optimize designer’s work to achieve better market results. She is a member of Première Vision’s fashion team and consults for its show in Sao Paulo. Olivia holds a degree in Fashion Design from Central Saint Martins in London and has an established track record of working for both national and international companies, specializing in style, forecasting, textile development and international sourcing. Previous studies in Social Communication and Production Engineering complement her skills in planning and organization of new creative spaces.




Nicolò Zumaglini
CEO Lanificio Subalpino

Degree in Economy at the Bocconi University in Milan, CEO and Partner in the family Company Lanificio Subalpino , President of the Biella Industrial Association.


Marie Saint Pierre 3


Marie Saint Pierre
Fashion designer

A leading pioneer in the Canadian fashion industry, Marie Saint Pierre is an established fashion designer recognized for her contributions to the luxury fashion, accessories, fragrance and home markets. Since launching Marie Saint Pierre Design Inc. in 1987, Saint Pierre’s veritable expertise has widened to the global stage, receiving accolades and acclaim for her work in major markets worldwide.

Throughout her career, Marie Saint Pierre has received numerous prizes and awards for her creations, her entrepreneurial spirit, and her engagement in the community. In 2007, Marie Saint Pierre received the Chevalier de l’Ordre national du Québec title, in 2012, she received the Order of Canada and the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal and and more recently in 2015 she was honored with the Outstanding achievement award at the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards.