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Two days of hard work, meetings, trends, inspiration, conferences, seminars,...
Discover the atmosphere of the July 2014 Première Vision and Indigo New York edition!

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Catch up on Satu Maaranen’s news

The young designer, winner of 2013 Grand Jury Prize Première Vision of Hyères Festival was at Première Vision New York.

A new collection, a collaboration project with Petit Bateau last summer and a workshop in Brasil with Première Vision to come, discover Satu Maaranen’s new projects!

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Thanks for this great edition!

“I really love the atmosphere!”, “Nice energy!”, “I’m nicely surprised of the new location!”

These are the words you have probably heard during Première Vision New York FW 1516 edition.

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PVNY AW1516-PROJET1-0407.041-002
Interview with Sabine Le Chatelier, Première Vision Associate Fashion Director

Can you describe to us the process by which colors are created?

The elaboration of these unique colors results from a series of international meetings, which are a PV specificity. Our partner spokespersons share their color intuitions and convictions with the PV fashion team, as well as their ideas about fibers, materials, handles, and aspects that will all contribute to the future fashion season... The color range is born from the richness of these discussions, which the fashion team sums up and transmits first to exhibitors, later making the information available to fashion professionals.

Who are these spokespersons?

They are recognized fashion and textile industry professionals from Portugal, Spain, England, Germany, Italy, Japan and of course France.

How many colors are elaborated each season?

The range varies from season to season. This edition we have 21. A soft and energetic range emerged from our creative meetings this season. A range that continues to proclaim a desire for colors with greater subtlety.

What is the goal of this new seminar exclusively targeting color?

Markets are opening up more and more to color, and mastering its use more and more. The harmonies and the breakdown of color by products are important ways for brands to customize color, and a way to accentuate the season in stores.

This seminar lets us get into the details of harmonies by specific markets, highlight a number of specific products (men's suits, outerwear pieces) and suggest ways to use the color palette.

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Kenta Matsushige, wins the Première Vision Grand Jury Prize of the Hyères Festival

Sunday April, 27. The Jury, presided over by Carol Lim and Humberto Leon (Kenzo), reward the winner of the Première Vision Grand Jury Prize, Kenta Matsushige, a young Japonese designer, for his "Hinabi" collection.
Selected from among ten finalists, Kenta Matsushige lives and works in Paris. The young designer shows us "[a] collection [that] aims to be urban and modern whilst respecting "hinabi", pastoral beauty, which is in opposition to "miyabin", urban beauty".
The collection was produced with the support of Première Vision: Tessitura Monti India Pvt., NIKKE-The Japan Wool Textile Co.
Next 22 and 23 July, at Première Vision New York, Kenta Matsushige is invited to present his work to the press and other North American fashion professionals.

More information on the Hyères Festival

Sharon Graubard: moderator of the round table 'Responsible Creation'
Sharon Graubard's skill at identifying the items and influences that will drive business for the coming season has earned her forecasting work an international following.
Her professional experience includes positions as SVP Fashion Directorat Stylesight, VP/Creative Directorat ESPT rendlab, and Creative Directorat Doneger Design Direction and at The Tobé Report. Frequent speaking engagements include Premiere Vision Paris, The Fashion Group International, Sao Paulo Fashion Week, Hong Kong Fashion Week and Luxe Pack; Graubard is often quoted in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, NPR and other media.

Tuesday 22 - 5 PM, she will moderated Première Vision New York Round Table.


"Responsible Creation": Issues and values for fashion

Tuesday 22 - 5 PM

Pier 92/Seminar room

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First-come seating

Première Vision presents discussion focusing on responsible creation in the textile/fashion sector. The panelists: key leading fashion figures, representing different roles in the fashion supply chain, will discuss their involvement and experience in this specific area - in order to give the audience a complete picture.

The panelists are:

Amber Valletta, fashion icon and actress, founder of the lifestyle brand Master & Muse and curator for Yoox of a clothing, jewellery and accessories collection from innovative and environmentally responsible brands

April Crow, Global Sustainability Director at The Coca-Cola Company

Inka Apter, Manager of Fabric R&D at Eileen Fisher

Melissa Joy Manning, jewellery designer and member of the CFDA Sustainability Committee 

Giusy Bettoni, C.L.A.S.S CEO and founder

Rossella Ravagli, Head of Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility of Gucci

Scott Mackinlay Hahn, Loomstate & Rogan Founding Partner

Thank you, Marimekko!

Thanks to Marimekko for the nice colorful pillows!
Marimekko is a Finnish textile and clothing design company renowned for its original prints and colors.

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BAP's brand new collections!

For the Fall Winter 15/16 collection, BAP will launch the BAP ZIPPERS & FASTENERS collection. The brand will also feature its new edition of the NEW DENIM collection. During Première Vision New York, visit BAP and they will show you how the washings of the garments affect the denim buttons to introduce both the denim collection and the brand new BAP Zipper collection.

Billon Design colorful and textured collection

Billon Design is coming to town with its new jacquard knits collection for RTW, swimwear and lingerie. For this new season, Billon created a new colorful and textured collection which is especially well adapted to the American Market. The brand also offers to create exclusive customers designs on request.

Logo Zeminli
Bezsan unveils its specialized fabrics

For the Fall Winter 15/16 collection, Bezsan will feature its specialized fabrics such as water resistant, bonded or coated fabrics. Come and visit Bezsan at Première Vision New York!

Magazzini Mercerie
Magazzini Mercerie's collections

Magazzini Mercerie can't wait to present its new collections! Fringes, embroidery, lace, embroidery stones... The brand commitment is to assist customers in the sampling selection and accompany them during production.

Polsan will be at Première Vision New York!

Polsan's Fall Winter 15/16 collections has been especially tailored to meet the needs of American brands. To be discovered during the show!

Synchronicity by Liberty Art Fabrics

Liberty Art Fabrics FW 15/16 collection'Synchronicity' is an inspirational journey of print design charting iconic styles, eras and influences within fashion history. The collection of 40 new and original designs is an inspiring chronicle of artistic expression, styles and fashion spanning the 15th - 20th Centuries. FW 15/16 features special collaborative projects with Anna Sui and John Malkovich. ‘The Peacocks of Grantham Hall’  is an original drawing by John Malkovich created while he was on location for the series ‘Blackbeard’  and  Anna Sui’s ‘Peony Pavilion’ is an Orientalist style design based on an archive piece from 1974.  

Henitex presents its brand new collection!

During the show, Henitex will present its new development: a top-of-the-range collection named Opaline that features noble materials. Don’t hesitate to ask, it will be a pleasure for the brand to develop for you the kind of design you need!


Uni Textile will be presenting a large choice of jacquards, paper-touch fabrics, bonded fabrics and unique laces. To help you imagine what kind of products you could create with Uni Textile materials, the brand will present some garments made from its products. Come and visit Uni Textile, they will show you how to change the look of their stocked items by doing additional processes, such as flock printing, foil printing, bonding…

proposte logo
Proposte’s mixed materials for FW 15/16

The Proposte Fall Winter 15/16 collection will feature dyed yarns made from silk and other fibers that create innovative and dazzling jacquards. The brand’s basics (cady, acetate/viscose fabrics) will be on-hand and updated. Especially for the US market, Proposte combines silk and wool to create textiles with the fluidity and shine of silk with a crepe feel and a modern, woolly look.

Discover comfort with Penteadora

For Fall Winter 15/16, Penteadora will feature a collection based on comfort. Jackets are the stars of the collection - whether faded or made of fancy carded pure wools with a double-sided look! Penteadora invites you to discover the all-season blazer with a protective membrane.

Pastorelli linings collection will be at Première Vision New York

At Première Vision New York, Pastorelli invites you to discover its linings collection. A large offer for the Fall Winter 15/16 season with stripped and jacquard linings in different weight, composition and fibers.

Discover Indigo New York!

Première Vision New York is coming! While visiting the show and its offer of fabrics and accessories, don't hesitate to discover the textile design offer with the 147 exhibitors of Indigo New York!

A forestaste of Indigo with 02Gatos inspirational movie for F/W 1516 > Watch it!

Discover the Indigo New York exhibitors list >

Bel Maille
Discover “graphic design and substance” with Bel Maille

The circular knits designer Bel Maille will feature its FW 1516 collection focused on "graphic design and substance". This theme illustrates itself by emphasizing key pieces, a sweater with maxi loops, hairy and metallic yarns, and double-sided wool. The patterns are wavy, vary in color gradient, or are doodled. The stripes are vibrant and ribbed with space-dye and bursts of bright colors on different surfaces. The brand has also emphasized its recycled cotton labeled "ecotec" on ultra -soft, heathered, and striped jerseys.

Alan Litman's novelties for FW 1516

For Fall Winter 1516, English producer Alan Litman will introduce over 30 new print bases and over 100 different designs that can be printed using digital, rotary and sublimation printing methods. The company now proposes to print onto many of its existing product set, such as laces, chiffons, mesh… Discover Alan Litman’s famous lace patterns, some of which will be unveiled first at Première Vision New York!

Furpile Idea

Furpile Idea is specialized in high fashion products, made of 100% Italian creativity. The brand will feature ready-made capes that fit perfectly with the Fall Winter 1516 season. They will also present their huge range of patterns, customizations and strikingly new ideas.

Cotton trend

For its first time at Première Vision New York, Cotton Trend will feature high-quality fabrics, ranging from jerseys to fleeces, ribs to piqués.
The star of the collection will be the yarn-dyeds, in blended and plain tones.

Vivolo’s leather trims collection for FW 1516

For the Fall-Winter 1516 season, Vivolo will feature its collection of leather trims for the premium denim market. Don’t miss out the Oeko friendly products with certification OekoTex100!

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Altinyildiz Tekstil’s contemporary collections

For Fall Winter 15/16, Altinyildiz Tekstil will be proposing worsted, woolen and wool-blended fabrics for womenswear and menswear. The company will unveil contemporary and citywear collections featuring seasonal specificities  - blends, colors, structures and handles - all in line with fashion trends.

Savyon’s new lines for Fall Winter 15/16

Savyon has created new lines for Fall Winter 15/16, including some with Lurex and a heavy stretch rib with a two-toned jacquard design.
Especially for the US market, Savyon will feature a spacer jacquard, perfect for dresses, jackets and skirts; a heavy tricolor jacquard, intended for dresses and jackets; and the “Spirit of seamless”, for circular jacquard knits.

Fashionable lace and embroidery with Marco Lagattolla

The lace and embroidery producer has created rich and wooly qualities and finishings for the season. The company will feature its classic collection, and also adds a more fashionable line featuring geometric designs and fancy patterns. Also discover their very special developments created for the US market.


NGS Malhas is coming to Première Vision New York with its best sellers!
The company can’t wait to present its latest developments of medium/high quality yarns. Time to discover NGS Malhas’ cashmeres, merino wools, silks...

Tessilbiella discloses its novelties for Fall Winter 15/16

Tessilbiella will feature new fabric finishings with up-to-date visual and tactile aspects (its renowned “paper-touch” treatment for example). Discover its bestseller, the bonded wools, cottons and viscoses that are always of primary importance in the brand’s collection. Don't miss the washable wools with a plasma finish: a treatment offering luxury fabrics that are easy to wash, free of felting, free of chlorine.

Balas Textile takes care of our planet

Balas Textile's new range is based on technology, comfort and planet care.
A spotlight on the company’s top developments:

  • A line in recycled fiber, NEWLIFE, with new fleeces and interlocks.
  • A new repellant treatment, which lasts through 15 washings. Based on HeiQ technology for the down-proof line between 30 to 50 grams.
  • A digital printed range on down-proof and light micro fleece.
  • New fibers and processes for thermo-regulation and moisture management performance.
logo fundo vintage
Troficolor will treat true jeans lovers!

Flannel producer Troficolor is introducing many novelties for the season.
The super-heavy Alaska Flannel takes on a cosmopolitan face thanks to its finishes. This heritage product will be bonded with metal film or coated with transparent PU. Troficolor promises to capture the attention of true jeans lovers with its extensive range of lightweight denims for shirts and blouses and its Red Selvedge Denim. Exclusively for the US market, Troficolor brings shiny looks to the city! Glimmer Denim and Golden Flannel form a perfect bridge between time and fashion.

Discover the July 2014 exhibitors list!

For its 29th edition, Première Vision New York will present the work of 156 international exhibitors. The offer of accessory producers is particularly rich this season.

Take a look at the offer!

At Indigo New York, 139 exhibitors will be rolling out their collections in the same location: Pier 92.

Take a look at the offer!

Modamont Produits
Spotlight on the accessory universe!

Buttons, buckles, metallic and plastic trims, embroidery and lace, labels, zips... The show's trimmings offer, already present at the show for several years now, is being expanded at the July edition. In a dedicate area, visitors will find components that, combined with textile patterns and fabrics, will lend the final note to their creations.

Modamont Vitrines
Who are our accessories exhibitors?

The companies coming to Première Vision New York are all exhibitors at Modamont, the leading international accessory show held in Paris, a part of Première Vision Group. They are carefully chosen by a selection committee on the basis of their ability to propose creative collections each season, the quality of their products and their financial reliability. Don't miss this opportunity to meet them in New York! The list of exhibiting companies will be available shortly!

Première Vision Paris: a great edition for Spring-Summer 15

After the January New York show, the Parisian one scores a successful edition!
Première Vision Paris and its 5 complementary shows welcomed this year 61, 641 visitors, from 30 different countries. An edition that featured all the creative inspirations for the Spring-Summer 15 season!
Next step? Giving a great start to F/W 15-16 with the Première Vision New York show, July 22-23 2014. Let’s discover the new location – Pier 92 – and enriched offer – fabrics, textile & surface designs, accessories for fashion - of the New York show.

Relive the best moments of the Première Vision Paris show

A new fashion information at!

Fashion Information, a lively multimedia web platform, gets a winning makeover this season. It presents a playful, instructive look at the heart of the season through words and images, with regularly updated news, a look at key concepts, expert analysis and discussions, artistic inspiration, colour harmonies and graphic directions, and of course... the teaser of the film of the season! 

Check out the video of presentation

Explore the new fashion area


Pier 92 - 55th Street and the West Side Highway

ENRICHED OFFER: Fabrics, Textile & Surface Designs, Accessories for fashion

The Grand Prix du Jury Première Vision 2013 winning collection!

Satu Maaranen, Garment in Landscape "Can one dress in nature? Is it possible to design a collection that takes the surrounding lanscape into account?" These are some of the questions raised by the Finnish prize-winner, a graduate of Helsinki's Aalto University, in her women's collection Garment in Landscape, inspired by Land Art, military prints and 1960s haute couture. This highly creative collection came to be with the support of Première Vision. Because this year, as every year, the 10 finalists were welcomed to the February 2013 shows of Première Vision, Expofil and ModAmont. They were put in direct contact with exhibitors who expressed a desire to collaborate, and thus benefitted from a privileged access to yarns, fabrics and trims from top international companies.

Next step: New York… and Paris!

Première Vision's commitment to Satu Maaranen doesn't stop here! The winner of the fashion competition will have her chance to be welcomed at the Première Vision New York show, next 22 and 23 July, then at Première Vision Paris from 17-19 September. These two unique opportunities provide the designer exceptional visibility in terms of international fashion professionals and industry players: the press, buyers, designers and major fashion brands.

The Premier Textile rendez-vous for the North American Market
Première Vision New York is the unique opportunity to begin your Fall Winter 14-15 Collections design process with access to the most renowned mills.

The show offers a large selection of fabrics as well as trimming collections of the highest quality and creativity, and the very important fabric Forum, the ultimate guide to the main season trends.

A large offer of textile designs alongside fabrics

Indigo New York and Première Vision New York are held at the same time and place. Indigo will display on the 2nd 4th and 5th floors of the Metropolitan Pavilion, some of the most renowned international studios. The exhibitors include leading British, American, Italian and French studios presenting unique, highly creative textile and surface designs for all segments of the fashion market (men's, women's, juniors', children's, infant, lingerie, swimwear, sportswear and accessories) and some collections for the home market.

The creation of Color Card

In a preview showing, The Première Vision color range inspires Première Vision Preview New York with the energy of the Spring Summer I2 color trends.
The story begins when, six months before the session to come, Première Vision gathers some 20 international experts for one of its meeting.

In the course of electrifying discussions, bits of string and pieces of paper, wrinkled paper or tinted plastic convey the subtlety of a tone. First impressions, first impulsions and then the time has already come to choose. A moment to take stock of the essentials; decide between matt and shine; structure the range itself.
From all this variety of cultures, a final project emerges that always has everyone's close support. The tiny colored morsels head off to the printer where, after hours of adjustment, they are transcribed into large numbered paper formats.

The color range is ready and is first presented to the exhibitors and then available for sale at the show in NYC before the worldwide presentation in Paris. It is pointless to look for the Première Vision color range in other color cards; you will never find it exactly as it is.