The global textile event for North American fashion professionals
The global textile event for North American fashion professionals

July 19-20, 2016 / Fall Winter 17-18 / Pier 94


Enriched offer! Renowned international tanners will be presenting their latest collections. And just like at the Paris show - which over time has become a world reference for quality leather and fur sourcing - the companies in New York have been selected according to very strict criteria.


Multiple options! International companies with renowned standards of quality dedicated to technical and logistical solutions. High-level sub-contracting services for casualwear, citywear, cocktail, streetwear and more. Also: local solutions at the Manufacturing New York platform.


For our women’s Summer collection, we are featuring a range of optimistic color driven prints. Key directives this season are colorful and cheerful African inspired geometrics, stylized flat graphic florals that have a hint of Hawaiian retro designs, and our tribal designs are inspired by Pima basket weavings and the textiles of Peru. Our Junior’s collection features giant paisley bohemian designs, faux-crochet looks, 70’s inspired linear florals, and retro stripes.


Budding trends for Spring/Summer 2017 that we are recommending run the full range of our extensive archive… We are especially excited to curate collections of florals, including tropicals echoing the feeling of Havana, beautiful ditsy florals and the ‘unfinished’ floral print with a sketched appearance. We are also inspired by geometrics that have unusual areas of density and Abstracts with a marble or camo feel. Finally, enjoy whimsical small scattered animal conversational prints!


The intricate designs capture a variety of inspirations for both fashion and interior design. Renelle Pettitt has a variety of styles; stark and moody designs reflect the city ethic. In opposition, fresh, light and floral motifs connote natural, travel inspired influences. The philosophy behind the brand has always been an emphasis on allowing individuals to create, and embrace their own unique style. In essence the sometimes over exaggerated designs act as a prompt for a more unconventional look. The ethic to create a range of eccentric, even seductive prints is obvious throughout alternating concepts Renelle’s work possesses. Renelle Pettitt >


Summer 2017 is a celebration of pattern, with Romantic Bohemia and Eclectic Maximalism mixing with cool Modernist graphics. Dreamy nostalgia is cut up and patchworked back together with a youthful spirit, playing with space and colour in contemporary ways. Bold, graphic imagery breaks through this romantic air with Mid Century, Mod and '70's geometrics. Wanderlust abounds with exotic inspiration from all corners of the earth. Tiles, scarf prints and borders mix with unusual elements for a fresh new boho look. Ladylike is prim and quirky. Delicate ditsies sit next to eccentric appliqué conversationals and furnishing fabric inspired prints. Romantic florals take on a grungy '90' edge, especially when teamed with our plaids. The Artist is in residence with soft abstract work, loose sketchy doodles, color block and collage reimagining familiar themes. Finally, sporty stripes and abstract geometric lines look to the future with clean precision.


There is a new edition of PV NY Designs in the Metropolitan Pavilion (125 West 18th Street, New York 10011) will be dedicated to Designs Summer 17. This year the show will take place on April 12 and 13.


The global textile event for North American fashion professionals closed its doors on 2 days of sustained activity, fruitful meetings and business discussions. Take a look at the January edition of Première Vision New York


The elaboration of these unique colors results from a series of international meetings, which are a PV specificity. Our partner spokespersons share their color intuitions and convictions with the PV fashion team, as well as their ideas about fibers, materials, handles, and aspects that will all contribute to the future fashion season.... They are recognized fashion and textile industry professionals from Portugal, Spain, England, Germany, Italy, Japan and of course France. The color range is born from the richness of these discussions, which the fashion team sums up and transmits first to exhibitors, later making the information available to fashion professionals.