Annelie Schubert - Première Vision Grand Jury Prize
Annelie Schubert winner of the Grand Jury Prize Première Vision

The 30th edition of the Hyères International Festival of Fashion and Photography concluded Sunday, April 26th with the delivering results of the fashion competition. The jury, chaired by Virginie Viard, Creative Studio Director of CHANEL, awarded the Grand Jury Prize Première Vision to Annelie Schubert.

Her collection was produced with the support from the following Première Vision Fabrics weavers: Jakob Schlaepfer, Luxury Jersey, Styletex and Teseo. Discover her elegant collection next 21 and 22 July at Première Vision New York!

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Next rendezvous: Indigo New York

The next fashion rendezvous in New York is coming. The new edition of Indigo New York will take place on April, 7th and 8th at Metropolitan Pavillon.

Discover a creative offer for fashion and home, targeting the US market, the world’s leading pattern market with 82 exhibitors including the best textile design studios (for various markets), vintage specialists and forecasters.

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Words of our visitors

In the aisle, you've maybe heard : "What Première Vision brings to the table is the international combination of exhibitors", "You always find great products and great fabrics", "Here you can built a collection from A to Z".  

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Thanks for this great edition!

Two days of work, meetings, trends, seminars, inspiration,...

Stay tuned, more show pictures and the show movie will be available soon.

The show starts tomorrow

Still time to discover what the Spring Summer 16 Season holds for you: renowned international companies for weaving, creative design and fashion accessories along with hot trend directions.
Join us at Pier 92: Opening hours: 9am - 6 pm

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"Technology and how it will serve the Fashion World in the future?"

Tuesday 13 - 5.30 PM

Pier 92/Seminar room

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First-come seating

Première Vision presents discussion focusing on technology and its role for the Fashion World in the future. The panelists: key leading fashion figures, representing different roles in the fashion supply chain, will discuss their involvement and experience in this specific area - in order to give the audience a complete picture.

The panelists are:

Allison Spahr - Vice President of Global Design, Polartec, LLC

Amanda J. Parkes - Fashion Technologist and Biomedia Designer

Bjorn Bengtsson - Design and Fabric Research Consultant and Adjunct Professor

Leigh Baird - Vice President of Women’s Design, Under Armour

Sibilla Vanderlinden - Product Manager, Concordia Textiles

Stanislas Vandier - Deputy CEO, Cityzen Sciences

Zaid Affas - Designer

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JAN 2015_MM_logo_Largerthan_500_mm_34788
Thanks to Marimekko

For the nice decoration set up at Première Vision New York.
Marimekko is a Finnish textile and clothing design company renowned for its original prints and colors.

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Be inspired with the Fashion Tools

During the show, discover the Première Vision fashion tools to prepare your collections: 3 SS16 Trend Areas, the Color Wall and the 12 Fashion Seminars that will guide you through the SS16 season.
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Launch of a line with Malhia Kent

The producer of fabrics for luxury ready to wear & haute couture Malhia Kent invites you to discover the Alexia By... collection. More than 200 different creations made of tweeds and jacquards for Spring Summer 16 with bright colors and geometric designs. Don't miss it out!

C.O.T.O. focuses around two themes

For Spring Summer 16, C.O.T.O. chose to focus its collection around two themes: « Innovation of classic » and a new proposal of « Luster ». The brand suggests you to discover its new development: the three-axis textiles, which are created with Japanese techniques.

Akin Tekstil novelties for Spring Summer 16

Akin Tekstil is coming to New York with plenty of new products. Among them: dobby structures in cotton, piece dyed fabrics with dualcore/dualfix yarns, Polyester/Viscose piece dyed basic weaves with SIRO yarns, Micro Modal fabrics, Sateen weaves on rayon warps, Tencel blends with dobby designs, 100% linens, fashion casual fabrics with “INOX” yarn as piece dyed and yarn dyed, “Shiny” surfaces made with “Metalic Yarns”... The company will propose soft blues, greys, beiges , strong blue colours for men and yellow, mustard, tobacco Brown, orange, macrobiotic yellow for ladies. Come and discover Akin Tekstil "Fade Effect" pieced dyed fabrics and "Fashion Haute Couture" fabrics".

Adalberto Estampados two collections

Adalberto Estampados will present two collections for Spring Summer 16. The Collection P for Men´s and Ladies is a classical collection with micro designs and geometric designs, made of popeline and voile on very smooth cotton and few appointments of viscose and silk and also some yarn dyed bases. The Collection A is a Ladies collection based on last trends and is divided on 4 themes: Harmony, Timeless, Memory and Impulse, made of cotton voile bases, viscose voile bases, silk and cotton silk bases, soft fresh and clean bases.

logo fundo vintage

Troficolor is ready for the Spring Summer 16 and will feature a nice group of light weight indigo jacquards for shirts and blouses; some double-layer indigo yarn-dyed checks light poplins. The company will also enlarge its family of denim knits with new constructions and different weights and add new qualities to its Red Selvedge denim group, which is booming. To be discovered: the Ready-to-Wear line of denims pre-prepared to be manufactured and worn.
As part of Troficolor new products: 100% linen with PU coat and Waxed fabrics with diferente colors on surfasse.          

Preview combines fantasy and classic

For Spring Summer 16, Preview will feature a collection which is a combination of fantasy items with classy plain fabrics. The brand proposes a variety of qualities such as embroideries (feathers, sequins, 3Ds), macramés, silk/rayon burn out, lazer cut fringes, jacquards etc... The collection is a nice balance of plain silks, nets and gauze, and also attractive polyesters with different weights and constructions.

The Intermix VIbe by Full Blossom

Full Blossom is in an optimistic mood for the season, called The Intermix Vibe.
The brand will feature its Modern simplicity collection (classic suiting), Airy light collection (top), Fluid goddess collection (dress), 3D texture collection (jacket & coat) and the Skin-friendly collection for supple and stretchy fabric for pants.
Don’t miss out the new hybrid yarns for Full Blossom’s classic cotton blended fabrics with natural fibers like tencel, modal rayon and linen, and also some synthetic fibers to give fabric a new techno look.

Solstiss: All about florals

Solstiss Spring-Summer 16 collection is all about florals, from the microguipure flower to the maxilace flower. New tulle grounds in net and honeycomb bring dimension to the motifs and give the impression that the flowers dance.
The color palette recalls the freshness of summer. The yellows range from (intense) sun to (pale) straw, while pastel hues of mint, turquoise, grey and pink enliven the collection. 
Like a summer breeze, there is a gentle progression in the scale of our rounded motifs, while combining fibers from cotton to metallic.
Among the novelties for Spring-Summer 16, there will be fresh motifs digitally printed onto floral and geometric lace. The signature silicone applied lace has been mastered this season, introducing a 4 color-blend silicone. Furthermore, Solstiss will unveil new patterns of metallic film laminations on lace.

Shima Seiki’s 3D design system

Discover the newest version of Shima Seiki's 3D design system. A demonstration of its capability in all aspects of fashion design and production, as well as the latest Wholegarment knitwear samples.
Demonstrations will be performed on the SDS-ONE APEX3 3D design system that is at the core of the company's "Total Fashion System" concept. With comprehensive support of the entire process of knitwear production from planning and design to production and sales promotion, as well as its capability for Virtual Sampling.
Don’t miss it out!

Contrasting colors embroidery with Ricamificio Levi

Ricamificio Levi will bring its brand new development at Première Vision New York: a collection of patented and exclusive embroidery. For Spring Summer 16, the brand decided to play with the fusion of different fibers, declined in combinations of contrasting colors. To be discovered next January!

Première Vision Paris gets a fresh start

Dive into the Première Vision atmosphere with the brand movie and the Première Vision Paris new website.
Discover them

PVNY AW1516-PROJET1-0407.041-002
Interview with Sabine Le Chatelier, Première Vision Associate Fashion Director

Can you describe to us the process by which colors are created?

The elaboration of these unique colors results from a series of international meetings, which are a PV specificity. Our partner spokespersons share their color intuitions and convictions with the PV fashion team, as well as their ideas about fibers, materials, handles, and aspects that will all contribute to the future fashion season... The color range is born from the richness of these discussions, which the fashion team sums up and transmits first to exhibitors, later making the information available to fashion professionals.

Who are these spokespersons?

They are recognized fashion and textile industry professionals from Portugal, Spain, England, Germany, Italy, Japan and of course France.

How many colors are elaborated each season?

The range varies from season to season. This edition we have 21. A soft and energetic range emerged from our creative meetings this season. A range that continues to proclaim a desire for colors with greater subtlety.

What is the goal of this new seminar exclusively targeting color?

Markets are opening up more and more to color, and mastering its use more and more. The harmonies and the breakdown of color by products are important ways for brands to customize color, and a way to accentuate the season in stores.

This seminar lets us get into the details of harmonies by specific markets, highlight a number of specific products (men's suits, outerwear pieces) and suggest ways to use the color palette.

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Modamont Produits
Spotlight on the accessory universe!

Buttons, buckles, metallic and plastic trims, embroidery and lace, labels, zips... The show's trimmings offer, already present at the show for several years now, is being expanded at the July edition. In a dedicate area, visitors will find components that, combined with textile patterns and fabrics, will lend the final note to their creations.

Modamont Vitrines
Who are our accessories exhibitors?

The companies coming to Première Vision New York are all exhibitors at Modamont, the leading international accessory show held in Paris, a part of Première Vision Group. They are carefully chosen by a selection committee on the basis of their ability to propose creative collections each season, the quality of their products and their financial reliability. Don't miss this opportunity to meet them in New York! The list of exhibiting companies will be available shortly!

A large offer of textile designs alongside fabrics

Indigo New York and Première Vision New York are held at the same time and place. Indigo will display on the 2nd 4th and 5th floors of the Metropolitan Pavilion, some of the most renowned international studios. The exhibitors include leading British, American, Italian and French studios presenting unique, highly creative textile and surface designs for all segments of the fashion market (men's, women's, juniors', children's, infant, lingerie, swimwear, sportswear and accessories) and some collections for the home market.

The creation of Color Card

In a preview showing, The Première Vision color range inspires Première Vision Preview New York with the energy of the Spring Summer I2 color trends.
The story begins when, six months before the session to come, Première Vision gathers some 20 international experts for one of its meeting.

In the course of electrifying discussions, bits of string and pieces of paper, wrinkled paper or tinted plastic convey the subtlety of a tone. First impressions, first impulsions and then the time has already come to choose. A moment to take stock of the essentials; decide between matt and shine; structure the range itself.
From all this variety of cultures, a final project emerges that always has everyone's close support. The tiny colored morsels head off to the printer where, after hours of adjustment, they are transcribed into large numbered paper formats.

The color range is ready and is first presented to the exhibitors and then available for sale at the show in NYC before the worldwide presentation in Paris. It is pointless to look for the Première Vision color range in other color cards; you will never find it exactly as it is.